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Product Name:  4 Channel DVR with built-in 3G alarm system
Name:   4 Channel DVR with built-in 3G alarm system Model: SA-1168-DVR04-2S-3G 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: alarm system + CCTV camera 
  Video Function:Real time monitoring,25 fps; with VGA;4 Channel video input, 1 channel video output, 1 channel for Audio; Support remote monitoring by network, USB backup, USD mouse; Support 1,2, 4 playback simultaneously. This model support reord video over playback; The video code rate and fram rate are ajustable. Support a SATA hard disk which is more than 2000 G.Support mobile monitoring by Windows Mobile .Symbian3.Symbian5 and iPhone.blackberry.Google operating systems. Support CMS tour guard function. This model can also support keypad operation and 485 control port, so that it can control PTZ. You can use video cable or twisted pair cable(UTP) to transmit signal. We use video cable in this standard unit.

3G alarm functions: 1. user can use 3G phone to visit CCTV camera. 2. Fi×ed defence zone for each CCTV camera. Once the camera is triggered, it will call user´s 3G phone immediately. 3. wireless alarm function, can work with 5 remote control and 20 wirele
Standard unit:12V3Apower adaptor+SATAcable+user manual+Disk+mouse+bracket+remote control+certification+4pc CCTV cameras+4pc 12V 1A power adaptors+4pieces of 25 meters´ video cable+8pc BNC joint+4pc J05 bracket+3G standard unit (Built-in li battery+e×ternal antenna+keypad+e×ternal siren) Notice:Clients can choose suitable configuration according to his or her requirements..

Items DVR Specification and parameters
Video Signal PAL system(625 line) NTSC system(525 line)
Video input Compound Video: 1.0V p-p/75Ω,BNC×4
Video output Compound Video: 1.0V p-p/75Ω,BNC×1,VGA×1
Audio input RCA connector×1
Audio output RCA×1Audio output;RCA×1; Intercom output
Network compatibility 10/100M10/100M self-adaption Ethernet port; Support LAN,WAN,3G and ADSL dynamic IP network.
Serial port RS485,support PTZ control, Lens control.
backup methods Support USB,CDRW,DVDRW and network backup
Display resolution ratio 704×576;VGA:1024×768(Optional)
Compressed resolution ratio 352×288
compressing standard H.264
Hard disk 1unit2THard disk
electronic clock Y/M/D; H/M/S
privacy protection 128 data encryption+ second level command management.
Power supply DC12V3A
power consumption 10W(without Hard disk)
Temperature/Humidity +5°C+50°C;humidity:< 90%
Keeping temperature -20°C+70°C;humidity:< 95%
Size W×H×L:255×45×225mm
Items 3G alarm parameters
Alarm receiving method Wireless signal output, transmitting distance:≥150 meters.
Alarm phone numbers 6 group,phone number:support 16 digital at most
E×ternal siren sound ≥110dB.
Frequency 315MHz/433MHz
1. Surveillance equipment and wireless alarm system: 2 in one! During alarm, user can use mobile phone(which must support one of the operating systems as follows:Windows Mobile .Symbian3.Symbian5, Iphone, blackberry, Android) to visit DVR.
2. Mini factory monitoring, all DVRs can use client software to monitor.
3. Small supermarket, warehouse.
4. Shop, enterprise.
5. Villa monitoring, support video call alarm during alarm.
6. Base station, oil well monitoring.
7. Farm, orchard.
8. Can work with CMS.
9. School monitoring
10. hospital monitoring
11. Fishpond.
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