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Product Name:  Wired/Wireless GSM Alarm System with LCD Display, Can be used with Central Monitoring Station
Name:   Wired/Wireless GSM Alarm System with LCD Display, Can be used with Central Monitoring Station Model: SSG-O-GSM5(Support CMS) 
Attestation: CCC,CE,ROHS Type: GSM Alarm 
  1.Defence zone LCD Display:Compact design, orange backlight, night vision, big LCD Screen, 99 zones display.
2. Anti-tampering function:When the panel was destroy or moved, it will send a high db voice and auto dial the preset phone numbers at the same times.
3.Learning code: It can work with different sensors and the user can easily program and remove the sensors
4.Compatible with wired and wireless sensors: The panel has 99 wireless zones, 2 wired zones and 2 connection port for Security company warning Board . It can use with sensors like PIR Motion Sensor, IR Beams, Smoke Detector, Gas Detector, Panic Buttons and so on.
5. Spot Alarm: The panel has built-in siren and also can work with external siren. When alarm, the siren can be switch automatically.
6.Look up logs/query records :100 Logs recording with time display. One group of time arm/disarm
7. Low-power alert Function: When there is a low battery or a power failure, the panel will send SMS to alert the user. If you connect the system with Central Monitoring Station, the panel will also send this message to the Central Monitoring Station
8. Voice Instruction: The panel has voice instruction all the way when the user are remote control the system. When alarm, the panel will alert which sensor was triggered. And when you operate the system on the panel, there are voice instruction for some important operation.
9.Remote control:If the system do not alarm, the user can remote control the system to arm/disarm on phone after inputing correct password. And he can also send SMS to remote control the system to arm/disarm.
10.Back-up lithium battery: When the AC power is cut, the system can continue to work because it will turn on and charge the backup lithium battery automatically.
11.Our terminals communicate with CMS by GPRS, with these two parts, owner can provide service to community. And the TTS Voice Module will alert the user which zone and which sensor alarm
12. Ready to arm function: When you want to arm the system while the door or window does not close well, the panel will make continious DI Alert to remind you that the window or door has not been close well.
13. Self-checking function: The alarm panel has the self-checking function, so does the sensors. Then the panel and the sensor will combine together for self-checking. When the sensor was self-checking, it will automatically record the working state and power condition, then it will send signal to the panel, after that the panel will send regular report to the central monitoring station to check that whether the system was in normal condition.
14.Door Chime Function: In disarm state, when someone come in, the system will make DI Alert.
15.GSM Network Alarm System: The system support SMS. And it will reply SMS automatically and the user can arm/disarm by SMS
16.we use high-quality,professional,industrial GSM module to disign and make our products.
17.Listen-in Function: After input correct password, the owner can hear the spot voice clearly. And the user can remotely prolong or cut listen-in on phone. What′s more the user can disarm the system during listen in.
18.On the remote controller, the user can arm/disarm the system and do emergency calling. It is very convinient for the user.
19. With wired siren connection port, can set sound/mute Alarm
20.When alarm, the system will automatically send message to central monitoring station and dial the the preset phone numbers. Once the alarm phone has been connected, the user can remotely arm/disarm the system on phone.
21.Intelligent control system to check that whether the user has handled and confirmed the alarm. After confirmed, the system will not dial the pone numbers.
22.DC/AC power auto switch: charging by AC power , switch to DC power if AC power cut to make system no fail. the whole system can be used to prevented against burglar,robber,fire,etc.
23.Compatible with SSG Wireless Doorway Keypad.
24.With USB Interface for Update
25.Can use with flash siren ( to arm/disarm synchronously with the panel)
26.The LCD use the global hieroglyph which can be recognise by people form different countries
27.Can use with the electronic board to indicate the arm/disarm/alarm state to deterrent the intruder
28.Time Arm/Disarm automatically.
29.Can use with SSG Central Monitoring Station
We can use heart beat inspection to send message to central monitoring station. The time interval of the Heart Beat Inspection can be set by the user (the heart beat inspection is a kind of self-checking function that the terminal panel and the central monitoring station will have a "handshake" in a regular time to ensure that the system was in normal working state.). The user can set 6 groups of tie-in phone numbers in the panel, so the panel can automatically recogonise the dial in numbers, then tie-in phone can arm/disarm on phone without charge. While when there is a GPRS Network fautlt, the system will automatically turn on GSM Voice and SMS Alarm.
1. The Dimension of the Plastic Shell: 34*25*7.3CM
2. Power Adaptor: AC To DV conventor. Input: AC 220( AC 110V/240V is optional), output:9VDC500mA.
3. Standby Current: ≤40mA Alarm State Current: ≤350mA
4. Working Condition: Indoor, temperature: -10 ~ 50Degree, Relative humidity: ≤90% atmospheric pressure: 86 ~106Kpa
5. Alarm Receiving Mode: AM AM Receiving Distance:≥120M (In the open area)
6. Voice Instruction: The panel has voice instruction all the way when the user are remote control the system on phone. When alarm, the panel will alert which sensor, including Door Contacts, PIR Motion Sensors, Smoke Detector, Gas Detector and Panic Button, was triggered through voice instruction . And when you operate the system on the panel, there are voice instruction for some important operation.
7. Preset Phone Numbers: 6 Group (Maximum 30 digits for each group)
8. SMS Number: 1 Group
9. External Siren: ≥110dB; Built-in Siren:≥85dB
10. Frequency:315MHz/433MHz.
11. Protocol for CMS:GPRS
12. GSM Band: Triple-band 900/1800/1900 MHZ, Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
1. The functions of our GSM alarm system are powerful. It is one of the best sale products.  
2.Fashionable design  
3. If the distance between the defence zone like your park, garden, swimming pool and so on and the alarm panel is above 100M and upto 3000M, you could purchase SSG SA-1168-0-GSM5-FM ( GSM Alarm with AM FM) which can meet your demand,  
4. This Alarm System can work with Central Monitoring Station
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